Recoil was imported by 'BRK'. He is off Moor's Reclamp 1xw to his niece, Big Worm's Cleo, making Recoil 75% Braveheart's Clamp 1xW x Gaston's Reddy 2. Clamp is 75% GrCh Shy Baby (sired by GrCh Heartbreak Jr) and Reddy 2 is Heartbreak Jr to his litter sister Reddy. That makes Reclamp inbred Ch Heartbreak blood with an out of GrCh Barracuda. Basically Buck blood with a touch of Barracuda. Cleo is out of Reclamp's sister Medussa and a Yellow Patrick male named Pressur's Jigsaw. Making her Buck on the bottom and Tonka Bolio Yellow on top. Ch Recoil Buck is basically a Buck dog down from generations of proven dogs. Besides proving himself in the square his proving himself in the brood pen as a top producing stud.

Recoil's Show Record:

1. vs Clampdown's Tommy

Weight: 17kgs

Recoil - 17kg

Tommy - 16.8kg

On release both dogs meet in the centre of the box. Tommy opens a deep gash in Recoil's left shoulder. Recoil is pushed backwards and he gladly dances on defence keeping Tommy out. Taking him from corner to corner. Recoil goes on offence working Tommy's front end, shoulders, chest, legs and throat. It continues like this for a while. By 20mins Recoil is dragging Tommy around and punishing him at will. It's obvious Tommy wont be able to come back and Clampdown concedes in 36min and Tommy runs a nice courtesy.  Recoil is now a 1xW 

2. vs True Contender's Cosmo 1xW

Weight: 16.7kgs 

Recoil - 16.3kg

Cosmo - 16.6kg

This show came about as a result of a challenge by TCK when Recoil was already hooked for number two. TCK stated that Recoil wont survive if he faces his 1xW Cosmo. When he heard that Recoil is already hooked he stated Recoil was gonna spot pick to championship and BRK is avoiding taking on winning dogs. After much goading BRK agreed that if TCK payed his forfeit to get out of the set match that the two 1xWs can meet. The original opponent accepted the forfeit to step aside. TCK was determined to kill the import. Forfeits were put up and a date and ref agreed on. On match night on release Cosmo was slow out of the blocks and Recoil met him in his corner. Both dogs going for the front end and Cosmo gets Recoil's paw. He works the paw, then Recoil pulls his paw free and works Cosmo's shoulder. Recoil works the shoulder and Cosmo shoots for the stifle but fails to get his target. Recoil gets the stifle but not for long. Cosmo appears to be the stronger dog pushing Recoil back as he tries to get a shoulder, leg , stifle or anything, but Recoil dances and keeps him out while back peddling. Both dogs are going at a terrific pace but slowly Recoil takes control working neck, side of face, ear and even a paw. Cosmo occasionally got in the mouth and sometimes a paw. By 27min Recoil is dominant and in complete control. Bongs calls a turn on his own dog a number of times. Even though I didn't see a turn, eventually I grant it. Dogs are never out of hold but they have to separate to infant Recoil and I make them place them down in front of each other and the match continues. Handles are made when free of holds and Cosmo makes his scratch. Recoil immediately takes control and is the top dog again and dominates working chest, shoulder, neck and ear. Cosmo goes to the mouth and Recoil is glad to work the mouth as well. At 42min Recoil is working a down dog at will. Cosmo lays and makes no attempt to fight back looking away from Recoil. Cosmo urinates in the box. TCK Bongs offers a scratch to win and BRK asks if his picking up. TCK picks up and Recoil runs a hard fast courtesy into a disinterested dog. TCK wanted to try get Cosmo to attempt a courtesy but are advised by s screaming Underground Knl to not do it and take Cosmo out. He follows that advice and Cosmo isnt allowed to attempt the courtesy scratch. Recoil Buck now a 2xW and Cosmo is a 1xW 1xL. 

3. vs Swiss Boy's Ben 10 1xW

Ben had won impressively in a 5 match convention where Cosmo had won and was thought to be BIS at that convention. Other winning dogs that night were RSK's Dr Wouter Basson, Diamond and the highly touted female White Collar. It was said Ben 10 will go all the way to GrCh and was rated one of the best 16.5kg males in the country. 

Weight: 16.5kgs

Both on weight

On release Ben meets Recoil in the centre of the square. Recoil goes to the ear but Ben goes onto the face. Ben dances like a dog possessed and gives Recoil no chance to get or work a hold as his stuck like glue to Recoil's face. Despite this Recoil appears to be the stronger dog. But Ben appears to be a muzzle master. 13mins pass without Recoil being able to get Ben off the face. Recoil throws himself to the floor in an effort to get this crazy face dog off. Ben somehow let's go of the muzzle and gets back to his feet shooting again for the face. Recoil avoids the attack and shoots into Ben's stifle. Recoil gets in real deep and Ben also tries for a stifle but Recoil lays on his stifle granting Ben nothing to grab. Recoil is sent in to work that hold and he goes crazy as he shakes out the stifle hold, shaking Ben like a washrag. Ben starts screaming as Recoil stays deep in the stifle shaking it for about 6min and damages Ben badly in the back end. Ben gets him off the stifle but his stifle is messed up. Ben attempts to get up but he collapses as his stifle is mangled. Recoil shoots into the other stifle. He sits there for a few minutes and starts the onslaught. Ben is out of hold and Recoil drags him around the pit. Recoil shoots into the gut and works it good. Swiss concedes and shakes Ridwaan’s hand like a true sportsman. Ben runs a straight and true courtesy as does Recoil. Recoil is declared Ch Recoil Buck by Sunnyboy and he takes BIS that night. He becomes the first import to make it to Champion and get BIS. Ben 10 1xW 1xGL.

Recoil was also voted DOY 2017 by the active dogmen in the fraternity. 

In the year 2021, Ch Recoil Buck ROM became a global icon with his production record 




There are still many offspring that are yet to hit the show ring and countless amount of frozen semen sent across the face of the planet!